Measure for Measure - Ireland 1916

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Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare's lesser known masterpieces. Originally set in Vienne, before their war with Hungary, we are setting the play in Dublin during the revolutionary years starting in 1916. Our production is not a commemoration of The Rising but rather a look at the social, political, economic and sexual forces at play behind the scenes of the Irish Revolution that led to the implementation of the Irish Constitution, which did not reflect the ideology of the Proclamation read outside the GPO. 

In the play, Duke Vincentio, leaves the city transferring his political authority to Angelo, who is a strict moralist and who determines to enforce the city's long lapsed morality laws. Angelo's first order of business is to condemn the soldier, Claudio, to death for impregnating Juliet out of wedlock. While in prison awaiting death, Claudio sends his sister, Isabella, who is about to take her vows and join the nunnery, to plead with Angelo for Claudio's life. Angelo is unmoved by Isabella's pleas but finds himself infatuated with her and tries to manipulate her to give up her virginity to him in order to save Claudio. With the help of Duke Vincentio, who has remained in the city disguised as a priest, Isabella determines to save herself and her brother.

While there is plenty of comedy in Measure for Measure, there are dark overtones in this story, and it may not be suitable for very young audiences. 

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