We are such stuff as dreams are made on

After a lot of consideration and evaluation of the company's resources, I have decided to wrap up Fortune's Fool Productions. I am very proud of the work we've done and the shows we produced.

I am grateful and humbled by the incredible audiences who braved the elements year after year to see our shows and the outpouring of sincere appreciation of our very hard work.

The actors who have graced our stages were extraordinary and made the company what it was. It is rare to get to work with talented, generous artists, who are the best kind of people with which to spend a summer (or five). The actors who worked with Fortune's Fool Productions gave their blood, sweat and tears, their humour and their faith and their time. I was never able to pay them enough, support them enough, in some cases I wasn't even able to clothe them enough, and they all responded by creating absolute theatrical magic out of nothing.

Our designers gave their craft, ingenuity and expertise and made our shows the best they could be.

We accomplished more than I ever dreamed of and I have never been prouder to be a part of something so special.

Now my charms are all o'erthrown,
And what strength I have's mine own,
Which is most faint: now, 'tis true,
But release me from my bands
With the help of your good hands:
Gentle breath of yours my sails
Must fill, or else my project fails,
Which was to please. Now I want
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant,
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer,
Which pierces so that it assaults
Mercy itself and frees all faults.
As you from crimes would pardon'd be,
Let your indulgence set me free.

Sincerely Yours,

Stephanie Courtney, Artistic Director